Spiritual formation

"One learns to pray in times of distress". But if things go well, we sometimes forget to pray. In response to the need for more spiritual growth, the brothers provide the opportunity for retreat and reflection.

Kloosterhotel ZIN (the Netherlands)

Kloosterhotel ZIN (a retreat and formation center) originated from the wish of the Brothers CMM to give their community house ‘Huize Steenwijk’ in Vught a new purpose, according to their spiritual tradition. They saw that in the Netherlands there was a real gap in the relation between work and spiritual life. The house was thoroughly renovated, and on 27 January 2001, Kloosterhotel ZIN opened its doors.

Kloosterhotel ZIN facilitates and offers programs for groups coming from the business world, government, health and educational institutions and Church. The brothers and other residents of the Eleousa community make an indispensable contribution to the hospitality of ZIN.

Retiro Vicente de Paulo (Brazil)

In the mountain country near Belo Horizonte, the Retiro Vicente de Paulo conference and retreat center is located in Igarapé. The brothers offer hospitality to groups of religious and laypeople who can follow seminars and retreats. Brother Henrique Matos, founder and director of the Retiro:

Our congregation has an active tradition, but it also has a contemplative side. We have created an environment in which people can come to themselves and reflect on God’s Word. We want people to actually experience God’s mercy.”

The retreat center of Retiro Vicente de Paulo is located in a poor area. The brothers are also actively involved in small Christian communities, thus supporting the local people.