Mission of the Brothers CMM

We are called to be merciful brothers and do what Jesus did:
to serve and enlighten, speak a redeeming word and be a helping hand.

Most of our work is in the domain of teaching,
accompaniment of youth and church ministry,
especially for the poor and the needy.
Through the quality of education and religious formation
we want to empower young people and contribute to the development of society.
We take care of the sick and vulnerable and create places of hospitality,
and we help people to find meaning and happiness in their lives.
Together with others we devote ourselves to building
a more humane world of justice and peace.

We are religious brothers and live in communities,
open to the world around us, joyful and courageous.
Trust in God, simplicity, brotherhood and mercy
characterize our life and work.

We honour Mary as our Mother of Mercy.
We cherish the memory of our founder Joannes Zwijsen
and we follow the example of Saint Vincent de Paul:
serving God in the poor and the needy.
We carry in our hearts the words of Jesus:
“As you did it to one of the least of my brethren, you did it to me.”