Vincentian Family Statement on the pandemic caused by COVID-19

21 Mar 2020

In light of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus which has affect every country throughout the world, the worldwide Vincentian Family unites itself to the efforts of those individuals who have been mobilized to minimize the spread of this virus and ultimately, to eradicate this virus. The Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family requests all…

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Gospel in Mosocho

17 Mar 2020

The choir of the St. Vincent de Paul School in Mosocho (one of the brothers’ schools in Kenya) entered the studio in October 2019 to record a gospel album. It is their third album; earlier albums were released in 2015 and 2017. The third album was launched in January 2020. This album was recorded at…

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Team up after flooding in Timor Leste

14 Mar 2020

Hera, Timor Leste, 13 March 2020. On Friday 13 March, heavy rain hit East Timor.  The people are used to this rainy season, but this time the rainfall was more than usual.  The rivers overflowed and there was a big flood that brought water and mud along the road, damaging vehicles, houses and electricity lines. …

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“I was arrested and you came to visit me”

24 Feb 2020

Igarapé, Brazil, 7 February 2020 – In the beginning of February 2020, the pastors and Vicar of the Parishes of Igarapé and São Joaquim de Bicas received a letter from Dom José Carlos Campos, Bishop of Divinópolis, in support of the prison ministry in the Bicas Prison Complex. Brother Henrique Matos CMM is involved in…

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The Vincentian Family moves forward

13 Jan 2020

From 8 to 12 January 2020, leaders of Vincentian branches gathered for a shared process of discernment as the Vincentian Family begins its 5th Centenary. The meeting was initiated with the presence representatives from almost 100 branches of the Family. These men and women came together in order to reflect upon the realities of collaboration…

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Together as one in Kenya

07 Jan 2020

From 27 to 29 December, brothers CMM in Kenya came together in Mosocho for the Provincial Day. Brother Elijah Agilo shares the main points of this meeting: Behind all possibilities there lies unity. This was a point of reflection for me as we gathered together with fellow brothers in Mosocho Community for our Provincial Day….

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Merry Christmas

24 Dec 2019

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Provincial Chapter in Indonesia 2019, day 1 and 2

10 Dec 2019

From 8 to 14 December 2019, the first part of the Provincial Chapter of the Province of Indonesia is held at the Carolus Boromeus House in Syantikara – Yogyakarta. The Provincial Chapter is led by moderator Pastor Inno Renwarin, MSC. The celebration of the opening eucharist was preceded by the lighting of the Chapter candle…

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News from the superior general

02 Dec 2019

Rome, 1 December 2019 – From 25 November to 2 December, superior general Brother Lawrence Obiko was in Rome to attend the USG Assembly and a meeting of Tutti Fratelli in Rome. He shares some of his experiences:

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