CMM Jubilee Year

24 Sep 2018

On 25 August 1844, the very first brother CMM started his noviciate; since then this day has been celebrated as the foundation day of the Congregation. On 25 August 2019, the Congregation will celebrate its 175-year jubilee. The CMM Year of Jubilee will be a year of celebrations, commemorations, encounters and special activities.

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Solidarity with victims of disaster in Brazil

11 Feb 2019

On Friday 25 January 2019, a dam of an iron mine collapsed in Brumadinho, the southeast of Brazil. The surrounding area, south of Belo Horizonte, was buried under a huge stream of mud with mining waste. Houses, people and animals have been dragged along and buried under 12 million cubic metres of sludge that also…

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WWB Ambassadors at World Youth Days in Panama

21 Jan 2019

Panama, January 2019 The Brothers CMM again organized a journey to the World Youth Days for their international youth movement Ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood (WWB). This year the World Youth Days take place in Panama. The WWB program runs from 13 to 30 January 2019. About 60 young people from 7 different countries participate…

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Family spirit in Kenya

07 Jan 2019

Mosocho, januari 2019 – Inside the Christmas octave every year, the Brothers CMM-Kenya hold a get-together event commonly known as Provincial Day. A moment devoted to starting afresh with the child Jesus, in preparation to welcome the New Year. The provincial day 2018 took place in Mosocho community between December 28th and 30th. Several fellow…

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Profession for life in Timor Leste

31 Dec 2018

Becora (Timor Leste), 29 December 2018 – On December 29, 2018, the Brothers Leonardo do Carmo Pinto CMM and Andre Neno Abi CMM made their lifelong vows as Brothers of Our Lady Mother of Mercy (Brothers CMM) in the region of Timor Leste. Celebration The first event was a Eucharist Celebration which was held at…

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Children of Cidade dos Meninos visit Belo Horizonte

31 Dec 2018

Belo Horizonte (Brazil), December 2018 – On December 20, 2018, Colégio Padre Eustáquio (the brothers’ school) welcomed a group of children, adolescents, educators and a volunteer of Cidade dos Meninos (a village for youth) to Belo Horizonte. Together they were 27 people. Fráter Dominikus Kono Tjeunfin CMM, director of FUNCELFA (Fabrician Community Foundation), tells about…

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Brothers pray for victims in Indonesia

24 Dec 2018

On December 23, an eruption and landslide under the sea again caused a tsunami in Indonesia, this time in the Sanda Strait connecting the island of Java and that of Sumatra. Many people died, are injured, or are still missing. Many people are left homeless. As Congregation of Brothers CMM, we pray for the these…

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Mercy as the way for OIP in Kenya

21 Dec 2018

From: newsletter no. 280 of the Oyugis Integrated Project (Sept.-Dec. 2018) –  The word “Mercy” is very dear to us as employees of Oyugis Integrated project. Why? Because mercy is seen as bringing out life where all hope is lost. Mercy is God’s gift to us to share with others. Mercy is seen as love…

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Merry Christmas

17 Dec 2018

We honour Mary, the lowly one to whom the Almighty has shown mercy as the protectress of the congregation: the Mother of Mercy (Constitutions I , 60) We wish you a blessed Christmas and peace, joy and good hope in the New Year General Board of Brothers CMM

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Teaching as a Brother CMM

04 Dec 2018

As a CMM Brother-teacher, but also as a teacher in general, you teach your students in your specific field: mathematics, geography, and so on. However, education is certainly not only about teaching in your own subject, it is also about guiding your pupils through life. Good, better, best? In addition to teaching and guiding, in…

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