People may follow Jesus in different ways, but they all hear the same word of the Gospel: “Follow me” (Mt 9:9).

Follow me. Experiences from the intercongregational novices courses

I wrote this when I was a first year novice, and I felt it is our task and duty as brothers to share with one another about our various activities in our provinces, regions and communities.

Community life

It is my pleasure to share with you about our intercongregational novices course. These are courses organized by different congregations and they offer us a programme about religious community life and spiritual growth. During the course period we meet different facilitators who present different topics to us.

In union with God
The courses are offered three times a year: in February, May and October. The October course lasted for a whole month. The topics in this month were:

Living our sexuality as religious people; Liturgy and Eucharist; The Holy Trinity as a foundation of community life; The writings of Saint Paul.

During this course I deeply discovered what it means being a religious: living in union with God and others. We are invited to form an ideal community and to care for one another. Nobody cares only for himself or herself. It is a great challenge to develop our relationship with God and with the others.

Sharing with other congregations
The INC-course also offered an opportunity to share and learn from fellow novices about our different charisms and commitments, and to hear about the inspiration of the founders of different congregations.

People may follow Jesus in different ways, but they all hear the same word of the Gospel: “Follow me” (Mt 9,9).

Every day challenges
Jesus continues to challenge us every day, in the smallest daily task but also in the trial to be endured and in temptations to be overcome. But especially in our acts of service offered to God’s people.

Brother Geoffrey Sinange CMM (Kenya)