Let’s all be proud to know that God has called us through Brothers CMM to something more than this world has for us.

Ambassadors of Christ

“Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, certain that God is appealing through us. We plead on Christ’s behalf, ‘Be reconciled to God!’” (2 Corinthians 5:20).

I consider myself an ambassador of Christ through Brothers CMM and take it upon myself to ensure that I live and spread their values of Mercy wherever I go. It is on this note that I packed my bags in the Month of August 2015 and took a long flight to Namibia (Land of the Brave) to extend this horizon. My main mission was to go and meet fellow ambassadors, see what Brothers CMM do in Namibia and visit other missions in the vast country. My 2 week stay covered half the country to the North.

I visited Brothers house in Windhoek on my first day and we had a lengthy discussion over dinner with Brother in Charge Paul Onyango Onyisi on how

more young people can be involved in WWB activities in Namibia. We identified the challenges and proposed mitigating solutions to the same. Was also privileged to meet Br. Athanasius Onyoni from Kenya as well as the New Ambassadors from Namibia Joining the WYD2016.

In the course of my stay, we also visited other Catholic missions, such as Maria Bonn, Oblates of Mary Immaculate (in Nyangana and Otjiwarongo), St Joseph’s mission in Shambyu, St Eugene De Mazenod Catholic mission in Bunya and other mission centers in the course of our travelling.

One thing I realized is that every time we introduced ourselves on our visit to the aforementioned Missions, the line “I am an Ambassador of Worldwide Brotherhood founded by Brothers CMM” was prominent.

Later on, I realized how impactful that line was because conversations that followed later touched on what we the young people do under the tutelage of the Brothers CMM and these missions even considered adopting the same approach in their mission work.

My parting shot is that, we as ambassadors should seek to be more confident in speaking and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, more compassionate in serving communities with the love of God the Father and more creative in reaching new people and places with the Good News in the power of the Spirit through the missions that mentor us (in our case Brothers CMM). Let’s all be proud to know that God has called us through Brothers CMM to something more than this world has for us.

Lawrence Ndonga
Ambassador of Worldwide Brotherhood, Kenya