We see it as our task to work courageously together with others towards a better future. Our congregation tries to contribute towards making the world a better place to live in and to bring more humaneness into society.

(Constititions I, 187-188)

How to become a brother?

As brothers, we are seeking motivated people who want to join and strengthen our communities. There are never enough labourers in the vineyard, says the gospel. And we say that there are never enough brothers!

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Associate members

In the Netherlands we also have associate members, people who share our lives without fully following our way of life. In the other countries of the Congregation, the possibility of official association does not yet exist, but is being investigated.

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Other ways of commitment

There are more ways to share in our life and our spirituality: through the Movement of Mercy, the youth movement Ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood, or as a volunteer in one of our communities. Do you wish to contribute to our work?

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