Other ways of commitment

There are more ways to share in our spirituality: through the Movement of Mercy, the youth movement Ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood, or as a volunteer in one of our communities.

Movement of Mercy

The Movement of Mercy is an initiative of the Brothers CMM and Sisters SCMM and was started in the Netherlands in 1998. In the Netherlands it has now become an independent foundation (since 2005) and has around 2000 participants.

In general, the Movement of Mercy is a network of people who want to engage themselves for mercy in their own way and in their own position in society. The movement is active in different fields. Among other things, she connects people who work in health care, education, youth work and management. Similar movements in other countries are now active under the same or a different name.

In Indonesia, Brother Ad Hems CMM started a Movement of Mercy in Balige, North Sumatera. The focus of this movement is to share with families the values of mercy. Together with the Sisters SCMM they organize monthly meetings with families. They pray together and share about family life. More than one hundred families are involved in this movement.

In São Joaquim de Bicas, Brazil, there is a prayer group that also aims at promotional activities of mercy. One of the activities was visiting the prisoners, which later developed into an official pastoral care foundation for prisoners, under the direction of Br. Henrique.

There is also a very active group in Coronel Fabriciano, Brazil. The members are called “associates” of the brothers. At the end of the year they participate in a three-day spiritual retreat, together with youths from the Ambassadors WWB and the Vocational Group ( GVM de Janaúbas).


Ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood

For young people (18-30) we have the youth movement ‘Ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood’ (WWB), an initiative of the Brothers CMM.

An international meeting has been held every three years since 2008, linked to the World Youth Days. The WWB is an international group of young people who are also actively involved in their own country, in daily life, in working on their desire: a world of mercy and brotherhood.

The aim of the WWB is to bring together young people who, from their own culture, want to work for the global movement of mercy and brotherhood.

The local groups meet several times a year for reflection and prayer, and they also organize socially involved activities. Some local groups have their own Facebook community page, and there is also an international WWB community page, with updates about activities in the different countries. WWB also has a website: www.worldwidebrotherhood.com.

Voluntary workers

Each community is committed to society in its own way. Sometimes we wouldn’t be able to achieve this without our volunteers. Do you feel called to do something, to make a difference, if only for one single person?

Please contact the brothers in your area, and tell them how you would like to contribute to our work. They like to think along with you about possibilities.