Jesus our merciful brother

Our lives can only be understood if you see who is present in our midst: Jesus. The way in which Jesus lived God's love has touched us forever and changed us.

Knowing Jesus

Our life is inspired by Jesus Christ. He is our example and guide. We read daily from the gospel in order to get to know and understand him better. He teaches us to look at God, people and the world. In him we see what God’s love can achieve in this world and what the true meaning of mercy is. It brings about a lasting change: blind people see, lame people walk, rich people share their possession with the poor. That is why we see in Jesus our highest standard of living: his words and example are guidelines for us throughout our lives.

Doing what Jesus did

We want to become people according to the life and mind of Jesus. In our lives, we try to do what he has done: to serve and enlighten, to speak a redeeming word, to be a helping hand. It is Jesus who teaches us in the gospel how to bring more humanity into the world. He really looked at people, especially those whom nobody paid attention to: strangers, convicts, disabled, sick, poor and children. He gave them genuine attention, was moved by their fate and encouraged them.

To see Jesus in the other

We keep in mind the statement of Jesus in the gospel according to Matthew: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25, 40). These words invite us to see Jesus in the one we least expect to recognize Jesus. This shows the way in which we want to serve others: as if they were Jesus himself. This is the inspiration that encourages us to do our different works of mercy.

Jesus, our first brother

Jesus also says something else. He is talking about the “the least of my brothers and sisters”. Jesus calls people his brothers and sisters. We too may call ourselves his brothers or sisters. We see Jesus as our first brother, as the ultimate example of the merciful brother. He connects us with the other, at any time and at any place. Thus we feel at home in a worldwide brotherhood. This gives our calling as a community a deeper dimension. It calls us to be truly brothers in this world. Through our lives and work, we want make real the mindset and the way of life of Jesus. In fact, we believe that he himself is present in the work we do and in the people we meet.